Jack Predicts - Year 2020 Will Be The Best Year In The History of The IRS To Settle Tax Debts!
How To End Your IRS Problems Today & Start Sleeping Like a Baby Tomorrow!

psst... Jack McDonough CPA once suffered from his own IRS Problems. Since he "walked in your shoes" Jack has represented thousands of people just like you to AVOID the IRS having their way with you.

Do you want to:
  • File old tax returns without any records, quick, easy and affordably? 
  • Know what your options are if you owe $35,000 or more to the IRS?
  •  See How You Can Use COVID-19 to help get a better deal with IRS?
We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You to resolve your Tax Issues Now!

"Best Decision EVER"

I came to BlackFin owing $45,451.58 to the Internal Revenue Service. Jack and his team filed an Offer In Compromise for me and I was able to pay less than 2% of what I owed to the IRS. Now I owe nothing to the IRS and can finally move on with my life. - Brandon T.
Let us help you...
If you have delinquent back taxes returns or unpaid  taxes there are many things you should know. First and foremost, you are not alone! Our owner Jack McDonough CPA had his own tax problems years ago...and he has walked in your shoes. There are many solutions available all taxpayers, get representation with the IRS or State from a small team of trusted, local, ethical tax professionals. 
How we can help:
  • ​Prepare and file old delinquent income tax returns for you personally or your Business 
  • ​Instruct the IRS to not bother you or your family and only contact BlackFin
  • ​Provide you the best options available to you based on your unique situation for a fixed-flat-fee. 
  • ​Represent you with the IRS or State so you can work and live without ever having to talk or meet with any IRS Agents.
  • ​Offer assistance to help you get caught on old bookkeeping and keep you caught up on filing all future tax returns. Avoid any new IRS Problems!
  • ​​File actions to stop Aggressive IRS collection actions. 

Jack McDonough CPA
Founder - BlackFin IRS Solutions

Attention: Qualified Offer In Compromise Taxpayers

 For 2020 YTD* - BlackFin Has Reduce Our Offer-In-Compromise Clients Total Amount Owed by An Average of 95.55%. These  Clients Paid An Average of 4.45% of The Total Amount They Owed the IRS to Settle Completely.
*1/1/20- 6/15/20.  You may qualify for an Offer in Compromise with the IRS and not even know it!  Of course, not everyone will qualify. BlackFin is very picky about who they accept as clients for Fixed Fee Offer In Compromise Engagements.  Right Now Its FREE To Find Out If You Qualify. Click on one of the Gold Buttons to Schedule a No Cost Call with Jack!

We Resolve Tax Problems in 3 Easy Steps 

No-Cost Tax Strategy Call 

Schedule a No-Cost Tax Strategy Call with Jack for 15- minutes.  Jack will answer your tax questions to help you get some sleep again and then ask you a few of his own to quickly assess your immediate risks with the IRS or State.  Jack will assume he was personally in your situation and provide you suggestions on what he would do if he was in your shoes!
Schedule Your Tax Strategy Call With Jack Now! 

Your Private IRS Files

Before you can start any journey you need to know where you are starting from. We need to find out what the IRS "knows" and "thinks" about you. We want it all... the good, the bad and the ugly.  Using  the information in your private IRS files plus your personal financial information. We'll be able to recommend the best options available to you. It's the dirty part of the journey but required in order to provide you a good roadmap.

Game Plan

100% of all IRS Problems will end.  The choice is... who is going to end it.  Either you can take control of it and end it yourself or you can Do Nothing and let the IRS end it for you.  Once we have established the best options available for a client we recommend the one option we believe gives you the best value proposition and likelihood of being successful. We enjoy the challenge of obtaining you the best  possible outcome.

Read This Before Going ANY further:
From Richard P, BoiseIdahoe
I owed $5,642,644.17 to the IRS...
"After about 18 months of negotiation, Jack called and told me to expect a refund…I fell out of my chair with relief. The weight of the crushing liability came off my shoulders, and BlackFin kept their word that they wouldn’t increase their services fee.”

I had a very unique case, I was business owner and was audited because of a bunch of 1099's and some unfiled tax returns.  The IRS claimed that they did not receive tax returns for over 10 years prior and had filed Substitute For Returns (SFRs)  without any deductions. I had all the documentation to prove the IRS was wrong but no IRS employees would listen… until I hired BlackFin.

They got the Internal Revenue Service to admit that they made a mistake. Just prior to signing the deal the IRS Official asked “Is there anything else I can help you with while you’re here?” 

Jack smiled and said Yes, my client got married last year and you took his new spouse's refund and my client and his spouse are entitled to that refund of $14,017.47 plus interest of $1,367.33. The IRS agreed and we had a the check in 8 days and Federal Tax Lien for $5+ Million was released within 3 weeks. It was unreal!

Though the entire process took close to 2 years, Jack and  BlackFin stood on its promise of having a Fixed Flat Fee. I was able to get my life, my spouse, and my back career. BlackFin will be handling all of my Tax Preparation moving forward.
Don't you really want to get this cleaned up?
Is Doing Nothing Really an Option?
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