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  • What is BlackFin IRS Solutions?

    BlackFin IRS Solutions is a full service local Tax Resolution firm that serves both individuals and businesses experiencing problems with the IRS or State Taxing Authorities.
  • What types of Services do you provide?

    BlackFin IRS Solutions offers the following services:
    -Tax Relief and Resolution from IRS and State Tax Liabilities
    -Tax Preparation for Individuals and Corporations
    -Business accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory services
  • How long have you been in business?

    We have been providing Tax Resolution and Tax Preparation services since 1990
  • Is my Tax Information kept Confidential?

    Security and Confidentiality of your personal information is of paramount importance to us.  We will not share your information with anyone else.
  • Where are you located?

    We have full-service offices located within neighborhoods in many states nationwide with many more opening soon in a town near you.  
  • What kind of professional will I be hiring?

    Our hard working team includes licensed attorneys experienced in all aspects of IRS collections and settlement proceedings in addition to Certified Public Accountants.  This combination of professional backgrounds ensures that when you hire BlackFin you can expect superior representation for all aspects of your case.

    All of our professionals are required to complete a rigorous training course with annual continuing education to become BlackFin Certified Tax Professionals.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our services fee varies depending on your individual financial situation, and the complexity of the work to be done for your case.  However, when we quote you a price we promise that it will be a FIXED, FLAT FEE that will not change.

    In order for us to supply you with a fee for our services we require that you meet us for a Free, In-Person Consultation so that we may review your information.  Call us to today to schedule a meeting.

    • Who qualifies for a tax relief program?

      If you have a tax debt, and the IRS or State collection agencies are in the process of collecting, both individuals and businesses can qualify for certain tax relief measures.


    BlackFin Difference

    • Do you provide a written promise of satisfaction with your services?

      Most people go through their lives and rarely need the help of a professional representative.  When you do find yourself in need, the #1 thing you will have on your mind when making such an important decision is, “Am I going to be happy with the outcome if I choose to work with this person?” At BlackFin IRS Solutions we offer our clients a written promise of satisfaction with our services.  If at any time we do not perform to your satisfaction, we ask that you inform us promptly.  We will then resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing our fees.
    • Will you provide a written description of services to be provided?

      If you’re going to enter into an agreement for a professional to represent you before the IRS, wouldn’t you think it’s important to know what the professional is actually going to do on your behalf? From the very beginning of our relationship, BlackFin IRS Solutions will give you a written description of exactly what services we’ll be providing for you.  We will also be more than happy to explain in detail exactly what each of these services are, and answer any questions you may have.
    • How can I be sure that I’m not falling for advertising claims that are too good to be true?

      You’ve seen the ads: “Settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar! Or Ms. Smith owed $14,500, IRS agreed to $925 within 5 months!” While it is true that some IRS settlements end up with the taxpayer owing significantly less than originally owed, there are no guarantees.  Every taxpayer’s situation is unique.

      We let our track record of client satisfaction do the talking for us.  As a client of BlackFin IRS Solutions, you’ll sleep well at night knowing that we’re using all of our knowledge, skill and experience to negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf.

    • Will I be able to meet the professional in charge of my case?

      Hiring a professional to represent you before the IRS could be one of the most important decisions of your life.  It could mean the difference between left struggling to pay tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties and interest for years – or walking away with a settlement you can pay off in a reasonable time so you can put this dark spot behind you and get on with your life.

      It’s not a decision to be made over the phone or by reading a few websites.  That’s why BlackFin IRS Solutions requires a free face-to-face consultation to discuss the details of your case.  We simply believe that in-person contact is essential to the strength of any relationship.  We want you to feel 100% comfortable that you’re making the right decision when you hire us.

    • Is Communication important to you?

      One of the biggest complains we hear from clients about their experiences with other firms is, “I paid him and hardly ever heard from him again!”Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and we believe that our clients deserve to be kept in the loop.  So one of our key promises to you as shown in the BlackFin Code of Ethics is “to communicate with clients on a regular basis until their case is resolved.” Much of our success can be attributed to fostering an environment that encourages open, candid relationships with our clients.
    • Do you guarantee results?

      Ultimately the IRS decides the outcome of your case.  There is simply NO way for any tax professional to “look into a crystal ball” and know exactly how the IRS is going to react to your specific situation. Guaranteeing results is simply an advertising gimmick to get you to contact them.  When pressed on the details of the guarantee, you’ll find that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” At BlackFin IRS Solutions we don’t believe in advertising gimmicks.  We offer our clients a written promise of satisfaction with our services.  We are able to make this promise because of our confidence in our skills, experience, judgement and commitment to delivering high quality, client focused service.  We cannot promise outcomes but we can promise you satisfaction with our service.
    • Do former IRS employees have special connections that give them an inside edge over other Tax Professionals?

      The IRS isn’t a “good old boy network.” The IRS is a very serious organization with employees who are being held accountable by their superiors to recover every tax dollar possible.  A favorable resolution in your case will come as a result of a highly-skilled and experienced professional applying their deep understanding of the fact of the case, along with the applicable laws, to skillfully negotiate with the IRS agent.  Personal connections at the IRS simply don’t come into play
    • Don’t all Tax Professional have basically the same training?

      Not all Tax Professionals receive the same training, especially in dealing with IRS problems.  To become a BlackFin Certified Tax Professional, participants must complete a rigorous comprehensive certification course.

      To maintain their certification, they must also complete hours of continuing education per year, specific to dealing with IRS problems.  They also have ongoing access to the most up-to-date materials, as well as a network of IRS problem-solving experts to counsel with in especially tough cases.