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About the Founder

BlackFin IRS Solutions® was founded by Colorado CPA Jack McDonough who suffered from his own IRS Problems in the early 1990’s.  He tried for years to solve these on his own before hiring a tax professional. His representative explained to him that despite being a licensed CPA he was an “unrepresented” taxpayer in front of the IRS, and it is nearly impossible to expect a good outcome without professional help.  By hiring an expert Jack ended up owing the IRS nothing. The next day Jack turned his Accounting Firm into BlackFin IRS Solutions, a retreat for distressed taxpayers and businesses facing the strong collection efforts of the Internal Revenue Service.  For the last 25 years BlackFin IRS Solutions®, a trust-based business, has been the national gold standard for tax relief.

“To this day, I remember the burning sensation my own IRS problems caused and how it affected my livelihood, my family and my business  Now it’s such a great feeling walking out of that office saying I made all my BlackFin Clients have a better life.” –Jack McDonough


About BlackFin

Tax issues can create great stress, depression, and anxiety.  We know this first hand! BlackFin Certified Tax Professionals understand how to deal with these issues, and will put our vast experience to work relieving you of the burden.  Allowing you to go on and live your life.

BlackFin IRS Solutions® offices are now open in many areas of the United States.  Each office and staff are bound by the written BlackFin Promise™ and must adhere to the BlackFin Code of Ethics™ with every client they represent. All of our Tax Professionals are local, licensed, ethical and BlackFin Certified™.

We are LOCAL Tax Professionals who deal with the IRS on your behalf.  We are not a faceless and unreliable “Call Center” in another state.  Just make sure you hire a local BlackFin Certified Tax Professional® that will meet you in person, shake your hand, and promise you’ll be satisfied with the resolution.

What is BlackFin Certified™? 

From the very beginning we’ve know that our staff at BlackFin is our greatest asset.  In order to keep our professionals sharp and up to date on current tax law each tax professional must surmount a challenging annual certification program.

By receiving the ongoing, intensive training the tax professionals in your local BlackFin office are the best suited representatives in the industry for solving IRS Problems. It’s kind of like having your own personal “Black Belt” fighting the IRS on your behalf.

Where are BlackFin IRS Solutions® Located?

With BlackFin IRS Solutions offices now open nationwide, every taxpayer in the United States has access to an affordable and ethical service devoted to fighting the IRS for your livelihood.  Our BlackFin family is growing, we have offices opening every month and your neighborhood could be next.


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