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How to Become “Bullet-Proof” When You Can’t Afford to Pay the IRS

bulletproofMy grandma always used to say “You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip”. I never understood what that meant as a kid, but after negotiating with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers for over 25 years, I now understand it completely.

The IRS can send you letter after letter, they can call you daily, and they can show up to your home, but the truth is that if you don’t have any money there’s nothing more that they can do to you to try and get the money.

However, no one wants to deal with the harassment and pressures of the IRS on a daily basis. It’s this kind of pressure that creates more undue stress than anyone needs in their life, not to mention the toll it takes on marriages and families.

So how exactly do you become “Bullet-Proof” to the IRS, stop the harassment, and possible walk away without paying the IRS a dime?

I have detailed exactly what you need to know on the subject in my Special Report, “How to Become “Bullet-Proof” When It Comes to the IRS”. You can download it free of charge right now by going to

WARNING: Don’t sign anything when negotiating with the IRS until you read the vital information I have for you in this report. It could be the difference in you continuing to suffer at the hands of the IRS, or finally putting your IRS problems behind you once and for all.