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Tax Court Judge Indicted for Conspiracy & Tax Evasion

tax-court-judgeA federal grand jury has indicted Judge Diane Kroupa and her lobbyist husband Robert Fackler on charges of tax evasion, obstruction of a tax audit, conspiracy, and making and subscribing false tax returns.

Kroupa left her job as a senior tax partner at the largest law firm in Minneapolis to sit as a tax court judge. While the new position was prestigious, perhaps she wasn’t prepared for the accompanying pay cut, which was considerable.

Kroupa chose to apply her considerable tax experience to fudge her own tax returns …to the tune of about $1,000,000 in underreported income.

She also tried to deduct a second residence she stayed in when she handled tax cases in DC as an “office.”

If the judge and her husband are convicted on all the counts they face, they are looking at a potential 10 years in prison.

-She sat in judgement of American taxpayers for 11 years.