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BlackFin Made a Deal, and a match!

blackfin-matchMichael K. was a man in love. He was also a man in hot water with the IRS.

Michael had some financial troubles over the years. He wanted to marry his fiancé, but he was living paycheck to paycheck, and owed the IRS $60,000.

Michael owned a home, but it was heavily encumbered with a first and second mortgage. To make matters worse, the IRS put a lien on it.

His fiancé was understanding, but made it very clear that she wouldn’t marry him until he had improved his finances and resolved his tax situation.

Michael came to BlackFin for help. When we heard his story, we went right to work. First we analyzed his finances. When we determined what he could afford, we negotiated a small payment plan with the IRS. We also got them to remove the lien on Michael’s home.

This was a huge burden lifted. Michael was able to sell his house and pay off his creditors. He even had enough left over for a small down payment on a new house.

Best of all, he finally got married!

-With a little help from BlackFin, our client got a new house, a new wife, and new lease on life.