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Can You Lose Your Business to the IRS?

can-you-lose-your-business-to-the-irsThe IRS is usually willing to negotiate or accept payments if you have a personal tax situation, but when it comes to a business…they are all business.

The IRS takes a very hard line on the timely payment of Payroll Taxes. They want all the money owed to them, and they want it now.

If they have to show up at your place of business to collect, you should be worried. Very worried.

The IRS Agent assigned to your case is trained to immediately identify the responsible persons and take a quick inventory of your assets.

You should also be aware that business owners tend to talk too much in this situation, and the investigating agents count on that. Everything you say can be used against you, so it’s best not to volunteer anything.

The IRS can force you to close your business, and most agents would rather do this than work with you on any kind of payment plan. Allowing your business to stay open, and possibly accrue even more payroll tax debt, is a potential embarrassment for the agent in charge of your case.

Don’t give up! If you want to stay in business, your best bet is to have a professional third party represent you. A tax-professional has a much better chance of convincing the IRS that your doors should remain open. They can also recommend a payment plan that the IRS might accept.

If you want to try to argue your case on your own, at least do your homework. Download our free white paper “How to Handle a Payroll Tax Problem” today at

Don’t wait until it’s too late!