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Fake IRS Call Center Busted in India

fake-irs-call-center-busted-in-indiaAuthorities in India have shut down a call center devoted to scamming Americans and threatening them with arrest over supposed unpaid taxes.

According to Indian police, there were three nondescript office buildings on the outskirts of a Mumbai suburb that were packed with hundreds of people posing as Internal Revenue Service officials. They placed thousands of calls daily, trying to con naïve Americans into handing over their bank details or buying gift cards to “settle” their cases.

Apparently, these workers were trained to speak with American accents. The scammers targeted the elderly, and would tell their targets that they had defaulted on tax payments and that the IRS was preparing to prosecute them.

Their methods were ruthless. Sometimes the callers instructed the confused victims to stay on the phone, and told them that their homes would be raided by police within the hour if they hung up. Another tactic was to insist the victims go immediately to the nearest Target or Walmart and purchase prepaid gift cards and load them with what they “owed,” which was typically thousands.

Sadly, many frightened Americans gave in to these scammers. The good news? No matter how clever these crooks were, they were still dumb enough to keep recordings of every call.                   -Gotcha!