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BlackFin Proud to Help Old Veteran

blackfin-proud-to-help-old-veteranNobody said life was going to be fair. When our veteran client James H. first arrived on our doorstep, he was at his wits end. After fighting for our country, he found himself in another battle, this time with the IRS. James and his wife had lived from paycheck to paycheck for years, and were dependent on their Social Security checks. Then his wife died, leaving him alone, with only one check coming in.

As a disabled vet, James never really had a chance to accumulate savings, in fact he found that every month was a struggle just to pay his bills and eat. It’s not surprising that he couldn’t afford to pay his taxes. The IRS had informed James that he owed them $75,000, and began to garnish his already meager Social Security check. James could no longer pay the bills, and he was very close to becoming homeless. He felt hopeless when he came to us, but it was a very good move on his part.

When the professionals at BlackFin heard his story, we got right to work. Our first step was to immediately stop the IRS levy, so James’ check was no longer being garnished. BlackFin then convinced the IRS that James qualified for “hardship status.” To the IRS, this means “Currently Non-Collectable.” BlackFin also filed an Offer In Compromise with the IRS, to resolve his outstanding debt.

It was a privilege to help this old veteran regain his dignity and get back on his feet.

-We can help you too.