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BlackFin Reduces Tax Levy by 93%

BlackFin reduces Tax LevyWhen John M. of Broomfield, CO came to BlackFin IRS Solutions® in Greenwood Village, CO he was absolutely desperate.  The State of Colorado was garnishing John’s wages for back taxes, and they were hitting him hard.

The State of Colorado was taking 50% of every paycheck, which amounted to a garnishment of $1,500 per pay period.  That was $1,500 John was no longer able to use to support his family.

They were in trouble. He had two children and his wife was a stay-at-home mom. There was no way they could suddenly make it on half of his income.

John was having trouble paying basic bills, and worried about feeding his family. Not knowing where else to turn, John stayed afloat a little longer by borrowing money from his parents. This caused even more anxiety, as they were older and not in very good health. He knew this wasn’t  a real solution, but what else could he do? He got smart.

John did some research and ended up at BlackFin IRS Solutions®. We listened to John’s story, and immediately understood that he needed help, and he needed it soon. The professionals at BlackFin IRS Solutions® began negotiations, and were able to get the garnishment amount reduced to only $110 per paycheck.


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