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InterestingNo Breaks Here: Daniel Porter, an enterprising California businessman, was sentenced to 55 months in prison for conspiring to defraud the United States by promoting and selling fraudulent tax products, including one that was called Tax Break 2000.

Tax-Deductible Pigeons:
One taxpayer was so distrustful of technology that he refused to use a telephone or computer. This made it difficult to communicate with his business partner, who lived across town. So he came up with a plan: carrier pigeons. He also thought it made sense to write off the pigeons, as well as their care, food and housing as a business expense. His accountant allowed it, as it was the only way he could reach his business partner.

A Tight Squeeze: Dinah Shore, a TV personality in the 1940s, claimed some extremely tight dresses as business expenses. The singer/actress claimed that they weren’t suitable for everyday wear, because they were literally too tight to sit down in. According to rumor, the IRS sent someone to watch her put on the dresses and try to sit in them, to judge which ones actually qualified.