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BlackFin Files Fast, Reverses Levy

BlackFin Files Fast, Reverses LevyOur client was in big trouble. He came to us owing the IRS over $134,976. Not only could he not pay that bill, he couldn’t pay ANY of his bills, because they had just gone after his bank account.

The IRS had levied $7,465 and frozen his account. That was the money he needed to pay his monthly obligations…things like rent, utilities, car payment, food, gas, etc.

This action would have caused a devastating ripple effect, and pushed him from a difficult financial situation into one that was practically hopeless.

Sadly, the IRS doesn’t worry about whether you can pay your bills, they just want what is theirs.

The client was smart enough to come to us, and we went right to work. We had to be quick, because the bills were due, and once an account is frozen by the bank, they will send the money to IRS within 21 days.

BlackFin was able to get the levy released on the same day that it was issued, and our client was able to pay all of his bills on time, without any interruption.