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Don’t Make Audit Mistakes

“Foot-In-Mouth Disease” is common when under pressure
Don't make audit mistakes

So you got the dreaded audit notice, and apparently it can’t be handled in the mail. This means you are going to have to meet face-to-face with an IRS auditor.

If you’re like most of us, you would rather have surgery without anesthesia. But if you feel confident, have nothing to hide, and think you’re prepared, that’s great. Just be careful. You could easily say or do something that leads the IRS to audit more of your tax returns than the one in question. For instance, saying something like, “Well, I have taken that deduction before and it was just fine,” is a bad idea. This could lead to the investigator wanting to review  several returns, not just the one that has been flagged.

No matter how confident you are that you did nothing wrong, an audit is still an intimidating experience. The burden of proof is on you, and you are “guilty until proven innocent” in the eyes of the auditor.

Remember, in the case of an audit, knowing what to say is good, but knowing what not to say is just as important.