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Tax Fraud “Predator” Still Working

Tax Fraud Predator Still WorkingRuth Barr, a Hapeville, GA city council woman is (as of this writing) still seated.

After numerous complaints and a media-spurred investigation, state tax agents raided Barr’s business “B & B Accounting & Tax Service” and seized thousands of files. Almost 8,000 of her former clients are having the past three years of their tax returns scrutinized by investigators from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Officials estimate as much as $6 million in refunds may have been based on fraudulent deductions, designed to inflate the refunds for her customers.

Barr’s company targeted firefighters and public safety workers, many who may now be facing back taxes and penalties. Mickie Williams, president of the Hapeville Community Coalition said, “People are asking, ‘Why is she still on the council? She has been a predator and to me that’s the worst kind of person, to prey on those people who are so vulnerable,” Williams said.

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