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BlackFin Negotiates Huge Savings

BlackFin Negotiates Huge SavingsClient Saves $8,000 to State Through BlackFin Negotiation

Colorado: A client recently came to us in bad shape. He owed over $9,000 to the State for taxes, and he just didn’t have it. He couldn’t afford to make the payments on his tax bill, and he was getting alarming letters from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

By the time he came to us, he was sleeping poorly, and in constant fear that they would garnish his income and seize his property, which is exactly what they were threatening to do.

He came to BlackFin as a last resort, and it was one of the best decisions he’d made in years. We rolled up our sleeves and went right to work. This poor guy needed a break, and he needed it before he lost everything. After considerable negotiations with the State collectors, we were able to arrive at an extremely satisfactory outcome for our client.

We made an Offer In Compromise for pennies on the dollar, and the State accepted it. In the end, our client ended up paying less than 1% of what he owed, for a grand total of $45 to settle the case. Coming to BlackFin saved him over $8,000, and a lot of sleepless nights.

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