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BlackFin Settles $165k Debt for $5!

BlackFin Settles DebtSarah never saw her tax refunds because of her husband’s tax debt. The IRS had assessed him with large balances, but not Sarah. Still, Sarah’s wages were garnished and her bank accounts levied, through no fault of her own. This took a terrible toll on her marriage, which finally ended in divorce.

Sarah thought this would be the end of her tax troubles, but the IRS still assessed her for her ex-husband’s balances. She was frightened and confused, and didn’t know how to get out from under this unfair debt.Eventually, she sought the help of BlackFin IRS Solutions. After an investigation, they had to tell Sarah that not only was she still liable for the debt (because she’d signed the returns) but that the amount she owed had increased to $164,500.

Sarah panicked when she heard this devastating news. How could she ever repay that much?

Professionals in Her Corner

BlackFin assured her that they would take care of her and do their absolute best to get a satisfactory resolution with the IRS. They really went to bat for her, and  through heavy negotiations, BlackFin was able to settle Sarah’s tax debt for $5.00!  

When Sarah received the news, she was hysterical with relief. She was now able to face a future without fear for the first time in years. BlackFin was able to get all of her liens removed, and Sarah is free from IRS debt, and her credit is clear.She was smart enough to ask for help from professionals, and it literally changed her life.

-If you would like BlackFin to help you with your tax debt, please call 303-904-1450. We can’t promise a resolution like Sarah’s, but we CAN promise to make things better.