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The 7 Mistakes the IRS Sees the Most

the 7 mistakes teh irs sees the most

  1. An Unsigned Return – It’s like an unsigned check, it’s not valid.
  1. Wrong Social Security Number –Taxpayers often enter the wrong
    numbers for their children or other family members.
  1. Wrong Name – Apparently, some taxpayers don’t know how to spell their own names correctly.
  1. Basic Math Errors -The IRS says people who file a physical return are 20 times more likely to make a mistake than those who e-file.
  1. Wrong Filing Status – There is frequent confusion about “Head of Household” or “Single.”
  1. Mistakes Claiming Credits or Deductions – The most abused (or neglected) are the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child and Dependent Care Credit, and the standard deduction.
  1. Wrong Bank Account Number – If you’ve requested your refund via direct deposit, and get the account number wrong, they will send the return back for correction.